Hollow Logs?

Where do the trees come from?


We make it our business to be good caretakers of our planet by re-purposing downed and hazard trees. Every product we sell is 100% reclaimed wood. 

What is the use of a hollow log?


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How big/small are they?



Our current setup is limited to a 12" interior diameter (ID,size of the hole)), so logs with bark are 15-16" in outer diameter (OD) on the small end. 


The current setup allows for a little over 7ft of OD and can cut in sections of 5ft in length. 

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How Much Do They Weigh?

Lets just say they are very heavy...

Average weights per piece are anywhere from 300-1500lbs. 

Each log will be different but softwoods are generally lighter while hardwoods are on the heavier end. 


How Will I Receive My Log?

Due to their weight, we have to use freight shipping services to ship logs. 

When the truck arrives with your log, the driver will either bring the pallet to ground level or allow you to remove it directly from the truck. 

If you have a loading dock or forklift, you are set. Since most people don't have these things just laying around, we recommend a team of 5-6 to help get the log into place. 


How Will I Receive My Log? (Pt II)

Once you unwrap your log and get it off of the pallet, you may notice that mold has started to grow on the surface. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. Just use a mixture (1:1) of bleach and water to clean the surface. 

This is the first step of caring for your log. 

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How Long Until My Order Ships?

While most orders ship within 4 weeks our operations is dependent on our log suppliers as well as the weather. Due to these conditions, some orders can take 10+ weeks to ship. If you ever want an update, contact Charles, our sales manager at charles@icwoodllc.com.


How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Due to weight, all logs must be shipped freight. This service is unfortunately expensive and you can generally expect to pay 30-40% of order total in shipping costs. 


How Long Will My Hollow Log Last?

This is entirely up to you. If you follow our care instructions and ensure that the log is not susceptible to water or UV damage, it can last as long any piece of solid wood furniture.