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About Us - Re-purposing Downed Trees

Maybe you didn't realize trees were going to the landfill by the tons!? Well they are, and more than ever! The good news is Natural Hardscapes and Real Log Pillar & Column Covers are growing in popularity and can now be made with Up-Cycled tree trunks!

What do we do?

Every day we give new life to old trees, by Re-purposing Downed Trees we are not only keeping our landfills cleaner but also creating a more enriching world to live in! 

Buying logs is easy!

We've sold hundreds of Hollow Logs to Zoos, Playgrounds, Aquariums, and Architects all across the United States! Buy logs directly here on our site, or contact us to see about a distributors in your area! 

Re-purposing Downed Trees, Natural Hardscapes,  Natural Play Enrichment, Architectural Pillar and Column Covers